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Happy Tuesday, readers! I just wanted to quickly share with you guys a drop-dead amazing company I've had the pleasure of interacting with recently: 

"Ugglebo means “owl’s nest” in Swedish. The owl is a universal symbol for wisdom, and the nest is a symbol of nurturing and growth. We at Ugglebo truly cherish these values and we strive to do our very best to share them with children in need. That's why we at Ugglebo donate 5% of our annual profits to the nurturing, growth and passing of wisdom to disadvantaged children through education. We can’t really think of a name or logo that could mean so much to us as our little owl does."

From their beautiful handmade wooden clogs (mine are in the mail- woohoo! :D) to their fantastic, efficient and kind customer service, I've just been totally blown away! Plus, their name means Owl's nest?? Yes please! :D Ever since seeing Elsie's awesome styling of bright, retro clogs, I've been dying for a pair of my own. Then I read The Velvet Bird's blog post about Ugglebo and fell in love! Be sure to read her post to
find out more about the company's environmentally friendly practices and safety conditions. I specifically adore the Milans (pictured left) with their sweet little scallops and low heel height. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any of the colors I wanted in my size. I emailed the company asking for an update when they restocked and received a response super quickly afterwards saying that they didn't know when my size would be in stock 

from their factory in Sweden but to keep checking back with them. Then lo and behold, a few days later I received another email saying they dug up a pair of the color I loved in my size! So dang considerate! They even held them for me when I couldn't buy them right away. An update review will be coming once I actually receive my clogs, but I'm sure if they are half as marvelous as their customer service and business practices, I will be so happy!

This post was not sponsored by Ugglebo in any way. I just wanted to share an amazing company with my amazing readers :)

All the best lovely readers,
Grace Elizabeth.

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