So, I start classes again today :( 
I took the last couple semesters off and I'm pretty nervous to go back. It's just a little community college and most everyone is very nice, I just never really grew out of first day jitters so here I am 20 years old and still getting nervous sweaty palms. 

But I am all decked out in HK gear so that helps :P

Last night, Calvin was trying to talk me through it- "What is the worst that could happen?", He asked. Well, a few years ago I fell down the stone steps at that college. Loudly. Like crazy loud drama tripped and fell and ripped up my jeans. I just laid there at the bottom, hoping the moment would go away....but it didn't. There was lots of laughing and no one concerned that I broke my neck or anything. So I'm pretty nervous that will happen. 

Or there won't be any girls my age in the class and I won't have anyone to talk to or be partners with. Gosh, I'm like a 7 year old kid in my mind still >_<


Anyone else still get nervous about classes?

All the best, 
Grace Elizabeth.

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