This is what the world

looks like when you finally have a car of your own to drive again: 
Haha :DD 
Not terrifically economical or 'green' but maaaynn its got some low mileage and makes me feel like i'm driving a monster truck.

(those super sweet trees and such were added using Picnik!)

They finally decided (after two dang months) to total my little car and write us a check. It was all kinda sucky and frustrating considering I didn't cause the wreck, and I LOVED my Rio, but ah well, it all happens for a reason. Let this be a warning though- Don't take cell phone calls and drive!! Cause it might just take someone's perfect little car away, or worse their life, and make your insurance go way up. 

Have you ever been in a wreck? Was your insurance experience as insane as mine? I've heard tons of people where it was easy as cake but gosh, not the case for us. Annyyways :) Have a great day peeps!

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.

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